White Delight 6 Bottle

Double the Delight: Dive Deeper into White Wine Paradise with Our 6-Bottle Collection!

Loved the refreshing journey of our 3-bottle white wine collection? Get ready to elevate your palate with our exquisite 6-bottle selection! This curated collection isn't just an upgrade; it's a passport to a world of luscious new flavors and unforgettable experiences.


    • Hosting a sunny brunch and dazzling your guests with a vibrant array of white wines. Each bottle offers a unique taste profile, sparking lively conversation and creating memories that last.
    • Embarking on a solo exploration of white wine varieties. Each sip becomes a flavor adventure, expanding your knowledge and appreciation for the diverse world of whites.
    • Discovering hidden gems and unveiling your perfect pairing. From crisp Sauvignon Blancs for seafood to rich Chardonnays for creamy pastas, this collection offers a flavor match for every occasion.

With our 6-bottle collection, you'll unlock:

    • Unmatched variety: Explore a wider spectrum of white grape varietals and regional styles, venturing beyond the familiar and into the exciting world of the unknown.
    • Double the white delight: Twice the bottles, twice the opportunities to discover new favorites and broaden your white wine horizons.
    • The ultimate gift for the white wine enthusiast: Share the joy of discovery with friends and family. This generous collection is sure to impress and ignite their passion for white wines.

But it's not just about quantity; it's about quality and curation.

    • Hand-picked for excellence: Each bottle in this collection is meticulously chosen for its exceptional taste and distinct character, ensuring a truly premium white wine experience.
    • Expertly curated: We've balanced bold and subtle, dry and sweet, familiar and exotic, creating a harmonious progression that guides your palate on a delightful journey.
    • Elevates any occasion: Whether it's a casual get-together or a formal dinner,this collection adds a touch of freshness and sophistication to any gathering.

Ready to double your white wine delight and embark on a world of flavor possibilities? Order your 6-bottle collection today and unleash the adventurous spirit within your taste buds!

Giesen Non-Alcoholic Sauvignon Blanc - bardelia
Hand on Heart Non-Alcoholic Chardonnay - bardelia
Ariel Non-Alcoholic Chardonnay - bardelia
Freixenet Alcohol-Removed Sparkling White Wine - bardelia
Waterbrook Chardonnay Clean Alcohol-Removed Wine - bardelia