Non-alcoholic wine, beer, and spirits that enhance any celebration

Enjoy your favorite drinks without the after-effects of alcohol

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Many people want to be social with friends, but don't want to deal with a hangover.


  • How to be social without alcohol?
  • Hangovers that are getting worse as you get older?
  • Avoiding alcohol due to pregnancy or health restrictions?
  • Overcoming an addiction to alcohol or just being sober-curious?
  • Not being able to find a variety of quality alternative drinks around you?
  • Unsophisticated mocktails that just don’t taste as good as the real thing?

We believe living a healthier, happier life doesn't mean compromising on taste or experience.

Elevate Social Gatherings

Enjoy drinks that keep the spirit high and head clear.

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Boost Confidence

Walk into any party with an alcohol-free alternative in hand.

Cultivate Community

Connect with like-minded people who value health and ambition.

We get it. Without a drink in hand, navigating social settings can sometimes be hard.

We know you want to be both health-conscious and socially connected. In order to do that, you need non-alcoholic beverages that don't compromise on the fun or flavor. The problem is, delicious alternatives are hard to find...which leaves you feeling frustrated and often settling for less. 

We believe that everyone has the right to enjoy life's celebrations without compromising on health or taste. That's the inspiration behind Bardelia — a collection of the finest non-alcoholic beverages for easy access.

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Here’s what sets us apart:

Joyful Celebrations: Every gathering is elevated—ensuring your glass is filled with delight.

Beyond Beverages: At Bardelia, you're joining a growing community of like-minded, health-forward enthusiasts.

Effortless Access: Our promise is swift, dependable delivery, bringing the party to your doorstep.

Every gathering is an opportunity – let's make sure you never miss out.

Here’s how it works


Choose Freedom

Explore our vast non-alcoholic collection and pick your favorite.


Connect & Celebrate

Engage with our community of like-minded people.


Elevate Experiences

Enjoy every celebration and feel your best the next day.

Bardelia’s drink options are endless


"Bardelia helps me feel more comfortable in social situations where I don’t want to drink but still want to be a part of the celebration."

- Anna K

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"Non-alcoholic options have helped me throughout my training when I wanted a drink, but didn’t want the effects that it would have on my running."

- Lauren J

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"I’ve met so many captivating, fascinating people in this community – people starting business and focusing on their health."

- Jenna L

Whether you're hitting the pause button, sober-curious, or saying goodbye to alcohol, Bardelia is your path to success.

You don’t have to feel awkward in social situations just because you’re not drinking alcohol

Let's celebrate the way you deserve – full of life and free from compromise.

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