Why bardelia?

At bardelia, we believe that embracing a healthier, happier lifestyle should never mean sacrificing taste or enjoyment. Everyone deserves to savor life's moments without compromising on health or flavor. This philosophy is the heart and soul of bardelia—a curated collection of the finest non-alcoholic beverages, crafted for your effortless delight.

Are you struggling with...

Socializing without alcohol?

Hangovers that get worse as you get older?

Finding high quality alcohol alternatives?

Avoiding alcohol due to health or diet limitations?

Finding new tools for your sober toolkit?

"Mocktails" that don't measure up to the traditional drinks?

What Sets Us Apart

Joyful Celebrations

Joyful Celebrations

Every social gathering is elevated and inclusive. Ensuring your glass is filled with flavorful delight. No matter your preference, bardelia has options for you.
Beyond Beverages

Beyond Beverages

At bardelia, you're joining a growing community of like-minded, health-forward enthusiasts. Connect with others who value health and ambition.
Töst Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Rosé (4 Pack) - bardelia

Effortless Access

Our promise is swift, dependable delivery. Bringing top shelf brands and new cult favorites right to your doorstep. At bardelia, there is something for everyone.
Jenna_L - bardelia

Jenna, Customer

"I’ve met so many captivating, fascinating people in this community – people starting business and focusing on their health."

Lauren, Customer

"Non-alcoholic options have helped me throughout my training when I wanted a drink, but didn’t want the effects that it would have on my running."

Anna, Customer

"bardelia helps me feel more comfortable in social situations where I don’t want to drink but still want to be a part of the celebration."

Gone are the days of feeling awkward in social situations just because you’re not drinking alcohol.

Let's enjoy drinking the way you deserve – full of flavor and free from compromise.