Ghia - Non-Alcoholic Ginger Le Spritz

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Embrace the Spice with Ghia - Non-Alcoholic Ginger Le Spritz

Channel the warmth of summer with Ghia - Non-Alcoholic Ginger Le Spritz. This unique beverage combines the signature bitter profile of Ghia's aperitivo with the slow burn of ginger beer, creating a complex and refreshingly spicy drink.

Ghia Ginger Le Spritz is more than just a ginger ale substitute. The careful blend of ginger beer with Ghia's botanical base creates a delightful dance on the palate. Experience a touch of sweetness on the first sip, followed by the invigorating warmth of ginger and a hint of bitterness for a perfectly balanced finish.

Uncap a World of Flavor with Ghia Ginger Le Spritz

Looking for a unique and flavorful way to enjoy a non-alcoholic beverage? Ghia Ginger Le Spritz is the perfect solution! Enjoy it chilled, straight from the can, for a simple and satisfying experience.

Ghia Ginger Le Spritz is also incredibly versatile. Spritz it with your favorite sparkling water for a lighter and fizzier experience, or enjoy it neat on the rocks for a more concentrated taste of the ginger.

No matter how you choose to enjoy it, Ghia Ginger Le Spritz is a delicious and sophisticated way to add a spicy kick to your day, all without the alcohol.




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