Ariel Non-Alcoholic Chardonnay

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Ariel Non-Alcoholic Chardonnay: A Symphony of Flavors

ARIEL Chardonnay is a non-alcoholic wine that stands out for its exquisite tropical fruit character and the subtle influence of oak from barrel aging. This wine presents a unique and delightful combination of flavors and aromas:

  • Buttery Apple: Offering a rich, smooth texture.
  • Butterscotch: Adding a sweet, buttery complexity.
  • Toasty French Oak: Providing a refined, woody bouquet.

These elements combine to create a Chardonnay that is not only flavorful but also has a depth that rivals its alcoholic counterparts. The dealcoholization process ensures that the essential characteristics of the wine are retained, making ARIEL Chardonnay a sophisticated choice for any occasion.

Perfect Pairings

ARIEL Chardonnay's rich flavor profile makes it an ideal companion for a variety of dishes. Its buttery and toasty notes beautifully complement the creamy richness of spaghetti carbonara. The wine's tropical fruit character is a perfect match for the sweetness of mango mahi-mahi. Its complexity enhances the delicate flavors of sautéed scallops, and it stands up wonderfully to the savory taste of crispy duck.

This non-alcoholic Chardonnay is not just a beverage; it's an experience that continues to develop complexity as it ages. Whether you're enjoying a quiet dinner at home or hosting a special event, ARIEL Chardonnay adds a touch of elegance without the alcohol content. It's a testament to the art of winemaking and the possibilities within the non-alcoholic wine sector.

Experience the unique blend of flavors in ARIEL Non-Alcoholic Chardonnay – a wine that promises a sophisticated and enjoyable experience with every sip. It's more than just a drink; it's a celebration of flavor and craftsmanship.

Serving Size: 240 ml

Calories: 45

Carbs: 11

Sugar: 9

Fat: 0

Sodium: 8

Protein: 0

Details: Contains Sulfites

ABV: 0.5

purified Water, Dealcoholized Wine, Grape Juice Concentrate, Natural Fruit Juice Concentrate, Natural Flavors, and Potassium Metabisulfite.