Big Drop Brewing Coba Maya Alcohol-Free Cerveza (6 pack)

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Big Drop Brewing's Coba Maya: A Refreshing Alcohol-Free Cerveza

Discover the unique taste of Big Drop Brewing's Coba Maya, an alcohol-free cerveza that redefines the low-calorie beer experience. Brewed with passion in Chicago, this exceptional lager presents a harmonious blend of flavors that will delight your senses. Each can, containing only 35 calories, offers a guilt-free indulgence for those mindful of their calorie intake.

On the palate, Coba Maya strikes a perfect balance with its malt punch, masterfully interwoven with subtle spicy and herbal undertones, courtesy of the finest German noble hops. The beer pours a beautiful straw color, reminiscent of sunlight, signifying its purity and crispness. True to its lawnmower-style lager heritage, it offers a clean and invigorating taste, ideal for those hot summer days or when you crave a refreshing drink.

Enjoy Coba Maya with a Mexican Twist

For an authentic Mexican-inspired experience, add a slice of lime to your Coba Maya. This simple addition transforms the beer, enhancing its flavors and adding a zesty, citrusy edge that complements its herbal notes. It's a perfect choice for gatherings, barbecues, or simply as a relaxing beverage after a long day.


  • Malted Barley: Provides the foundational flavor and body.
  • German Noble Hops: Adds subtle spice and herbal aromas.
  • Water: Pure and crisp, forming the base of the beer.
  • Lime (Optional): A zesty addition for a Mexican twist.

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Serving Size: 12 oz

Calories: 45

Carbs: 8

Sugar: 0

Fat: 0

Sodium: 2

Protein: 0

Details: Contains Barley

ABV: 0.5

Malted Barley,