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Cheeky Espresso Syrup

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Craft Café-Quality Espresso Martinis at Home with Cheeky Espresso Syrup!

Elevate your cocktail game with Cheeky Espresso Syrup, a premium coffee syrup made with high-quality ingredients and designed for effortless home bartending.

Sourced from Brooklyn's Best

We use only the finest coffee beans, carefully roasted by Café Integral, a renowned Brooklyn-based specialty coffee roaster. Their seasonal Nicaraguan coffee blend is expertly crafted to deliver rich, complex flavors that shine through in every sip of your Espresso Martini.

Simple Ingredients, Maximum Flavor

Cheeky Espresso features a simple yet effective combination of real cane sugar and gum arabic, a natural emulsifier favored by mixologists. This unique blend ensures a perfectly balanced sweetness and a smooth, luxurious texture in your cocktails.

Effortless Espresso Martinis in Two Shakes

Forget the fuss of complicated recipes and numerous ingredients. Cheeky Espresso allows you to create café-quality Espresso Martinis at home with just two simple steps: combine Cheeky Espresso Syrup with your favorite vodka and shake vigorously with ice. Strain into a chilled glass and garnish with coffee beans for an authentic presentation.




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