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Sierra Nevada Non-Alcoholic IPA Trail Pass

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Unleash Hoppy Bliss Without the Buzz: Sierra Nevada Non-Alcoholic Trail Pass IPA

Yearning for the bold, citrusy bite of an IPA, but without the alcohol? Look no further than Sierra Nevada's Non-Alcoholic Trail Pass IPA. This innovative brew takes you on a flavor journey, minus the buzz.

Dive into a vibrant landscape of hops: Amarillo® and CTZ varieties explode with citrus and pine notes, while a smooth malt body balances the hoppy intensity. The crisp finish delivers a clean, satisfying sip, reminiscent of a classic Sierra Nevada IPA – all under 0.5% ABV.

Innovation Brewmaster James Conery himself vouches for its authenticity: "This isn't just a non-alcoholic IPA, it's a craft IPA. It meets all our criteria for what makes a great Sierra Nevada beer."

Trail Pass IPA stays true to craft brewing methods, avoiding alcohol removal processes. This dedication results in a full-flavored experience packed with:

  • 35 IBUs: A satisfying hoppy bite.
  • 95 calories per 12 oz can: Enjoy guilt-free refreshment.
  • 20g carbs per 12 oz can: Fits various dietary needs.


Whether you're scaling new heights or unwinding after a busy day, Trail Pass IPA is your alcohol-free adventure companion. Grab a can and embark on a flavor expedition like no other!




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