Curious Elixirs - No. 6 Non-Alcoholic Coconut Pineapple Painkiller

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Escape to Paradise with Curious Elixirs No. 6: Non-Alcoholic Coconut Pineapple Painkiller**

Creamy & Tropical: A Guilt-Free Vacation in a Glass

Dreaming of swaying palm trees and crystal-clear Caribbean waters? Take a sip of Curious Elixirs No. 6 and be transported to paradise! This delightful, non-alcoholic beverage captures the essence of the classic Painkiller cocktail, minus the alcohol and refined sugar.

Imagine this: creamy coconut milk mingles with the vibrant sweetness of pineapple and a touch of citrus, all perfectly balanced with warming spices like nutmeg and black pepper. A hint of smoky American oak adds a touch of intrigue, while the smooth texture of oat milk and aloe vera creates a luxuriously creamy experience.

Curious Elixirs No. 6 is the perfect guilt-free indulgence for any occasion, whether you're relaxing by the pool, enjoying a staycation at home, or simply craving a taste of the tropics.

Curious Elixirs No. 6 - Non-Alcoholic Coconut Pineapple Painkiller: Your Perfect Escape

Ditch the sugary frozen drinks and artificial flavors. Curious Elixirs No. 6 offers a sophisticated and refreshing alternative, bursting with real fruit flavors and a touch of creamy indulgence. Simply shake with ice and pour into a glass for a perfectly chilled and frothy experience.

What Makes Curious Elixirs No. 6 Special?

This captivating beverage is packed with all-natural ingredients that tantalize your taste buds and transport you to a tropical state of mind:

  • Coconut Cream: Provides a luxurious and creamy base.
  • Organic Pineapple & Orange Juice Concentrates: Layers of vibrant tropical sweetness.
  • Organic Lime & Lemon Juice Concentrates: A touch of citrusy zest.
  • Oat Milk & Aloe Concentrates: For a smooth and creamy texture.
  • Extracts:
    • Lemon Balm: Aids digestion and promotes relaxation.
    • American Oak: Adds a hint of smokiness reminiscent of island breezes.
    • Chicory: Provides a touch of natural sweetness and depth.
    • Ginger: Supports healthy digestion.
    • Nutmeg & Black Pepper: Warm spices for a touch of complexity.
    • Black Strap Molasses Essence: A hint of rich sweetness without refined sugar spikes.

Indulge in the taste of paradise without the alcohol or sugar crash. Relax, unwind, and escape the ordinary with Curious Elixirs No. 6 – the Non-Alcoholic Coconut Pineapple Painkiller!

*Those who are pregnant or lactating should discuss with their doctors and health professionals before consuming Curious No. 6 because it contains aloe, the use of which has not been sufficiently studied.

**While our oat milk is naturally gluten-free, there may be trace amounts of gluten from machinery used during processing.

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