De Soi - Trés Rosé Non-Alcoholic Apéritif

Aperitifs & Alternative Liqueur

Size 4 Pack

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De Soi - Trés Rosé: A Refreshing Escape with a Mood-Boosting Twist

De Soi - Trés Rosé is a sparkling apéritif that defies expectations. This captivating beverage offers a vibrant balance of tart raspberry and mellow rooibos tea, creating a crisp and refreshing sip. Unlike traditional rosés, Trés Rosé is entirely alcohol-free, making it the perfect choice for any occasion.

Uplift Your Mood Naturally:

De Soi - Trés Rosé is more than just delicious. This innovative drink is infused with lion's mane mushroom and saffron, adaptogens known for their mood-boosting properties. Enjoy the uplifting sensation without the need for alcohol, allowing you to unwind and relax naturally.

Effortless Enjoyment:

De Soi prioritizes convenience. Trés Rosé comes ready-to- drink, eliminating the need for mixing or complicated preparation. Simply chill the can or bottle, pour it into your favorite glass, and garnish with a fresh raspberry for a touch of elegance (garnish is completely optional).

A Symphony of Natural Ingredients:

De Soi - Trés Rosé is meticulously crafted with high-quality ingredients. The base starts with sparkling water and a blend of fruit juices (lychee, grapefruit, and raspberry). Natural flavors and a touch of champagne vinegar add a delightful complexity, while rooibos tea extract offers a touch of earthy depth. De Soi - Trés Rosé also incorporates adaptogens like lion's mane mushroom and saffron for their functional benefits.

De Soi - Trés Rosé Apéritif: Refreshment with a Mood-Boosting Edge

Serving Size: 8 oz

Calories: 35

Carbs: 7g

Sugar: 6g

Fat: 0g

Sodium: 5g

Protein: 0g


ABV: 0.0

Water, Lychee-Grapefruit and Raspberry Juice blend from concentrate, Champagne Vinegar, Natural Flavors, Lactic Acid, Lion’s Mane Mushroom Extract, Saffron Extract, L-theanine derived from Green Tea Extract, Black Carrot Juice (for color), Rooibos Tea Extract, Oak Extract, Chamomile Extract, Ginger Extract, Cardamom Extract