Drink Mocktails - Sevilla Red Sangria Nitro

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Embark on a Flavor Adventure with Drink Mocktails - Sevilla Red Sangria Nitro

Experience the essence of a classic Sangria, minus the alcohol, with Drink Mocktails - Sevilla Red Sangria Nitro! This captivating mocktail offers a symphony of complex flavors that will tantalize your taste buds.

A Dance of Dark Fruits and Citrus:

Blackcurrant and blackberry notes take center stage, intertwined with intriguing hints of clove and orange peel. As you sip, an earthy quality emerges, complemented by a tannic grip that replicates the dryness of a fine wine. The finish leaves a lasting impression, with a delightful resurgence of blackberry and bitter orange for a satisfying and complex close.

Clean Ingredients, Exceptional Taste:

Sevilla Red Sangria Nitro is meticulously crafted with your well-being in mind. Each 200ml Nitro Can boasts less than 80 calories and is entirely free from GMOs, high-fructose corn syrup, artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, allergens, and is even vegan-friendly.

Ingredients: Purified Filtered Water, Non-GMO Sugar, Red Grape Must Blend from concentrate, Natural Flavors, Bitter Orange Flavoring, Raspberry Flavoring, Clove, Quillaia Extract, Tartaric Acid, Black Carrot

Unwind with a Sophisticated Sipping Experience: Drink Mocktails - Sevilla Red Sangria Nitro

Looking for a sophisticated and refreshing drink to elevate any occasion? Look no further than Sevilla Red Sangria Nitro! This unique mocktail is bursting with mixology-inspired flavors, making it the perfect choice for a relaxing evening at home, socializing with friends, or celebrating a special event.

Enjoy it straight from the can for a convenient treat, or serve it chilled over ice in a wine glass for an elegant presentation. You can even customize your experience with a splash of your favorite spirit for a delightful twist.

Sevilla Red Sangria Nitro: The sophisticated and delicious way to enjoy a non-alcoholic Sangria experience!

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