Fluère Non-Alcoholic Raspberry Spirit

Size 700 ml

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Escape to a World of Freshness: Explore Fluère Non-Alcoholic Raspberry Spirit

Yearning for a vibrant, fruity drink that tantalizes your senses without the alcohol? Look no further than Fluère Non-Alcoholic Raspberry Spirit. This delightful alternative to pink gin offers a fresh, fruity, and smooth flavor profile, perfect for those seeking a guilt-free indulgence.

Imagine this: a bouquet of floral and piney notes from juniper dances with a zestful twist of citrus from lime peel. As you sip, the sweetness of fresh raspberries bursts forth, creating a harmonious and refreshing experience.

Fluère Raspberry Spirit is more than just a substitute:

  • Enjoy neat or on the rocks: Savor the full flavor explosion.
  • Craft delicious mocktails: Explore endless possibilities.
  • Elevate your favorite cocktails: Add a vibrant, fruity twist.

Indulge without worry:

  • 0% alcohol: Enjoy the pink gin experience, minus the buzz.
  • All-natural ingredients: Crafted with premium botanicals and real fruit.

Fluère Raspberry Spirit is an invitation to escape to a world of vibrant flavors, minus the alcohol. So, raise a glass and experience the delightful sensation for yourself!

Discover a Symphony of Fruitiness: Fluère Non-Alcoholic Raspberry Spirit

Fresh, fruity, smooth: Juniper, lime peel, and real raspberries blend seamlessly. Perfect neat, on the rocks, or in mocktails. Enjoy the pink gin experience, alcohol-free!

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