Fluère Non-Alcoholic Smoked Agave Spirit

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Craving Smokiness Without the Buzz? Explore Fluère Non-Alcoholic Smoked Agave Spirit

Looking for a sophisticated alternative to mezcal, capturing its smoky essence without the alcohol? Fluère Non-Alcoholic Smoked Agave Spirit is your answer. This meticulously crafted spirit delivers a roasted, smoky, and earthy flavor profile, perfect for those seeking a unique and complex drinking experience.

Imagine this: the characteristic sweetness of agave dances on your palate, followed by a subtle hint of black pepper for a touch of complexity. Then, waves of smoky hickory wood wash over, creating a truly earthy and satisfying experience.

Fluère Smoked Agave Spirit isn't just for sipping:

  • Mix up classic cocktails: Recreate your favorite mezcal drinks, guilt-free.
  • Explore exciting mocktails: Experiment with endless flavor combinations.
  • Add a smoky twist to spirits: Elevate your cocktails with a unique touch.

Indulge guilt-free with Fluère:

  • 0% alcohol: Enjoy the smoky mezcal experience, minus the buzz.
  • All-natural ingredients: Crafted with real agave and smoked hickory wood.

Fluère Smoked Agave Spirit is an invitation to explore a world of smoky depth, minus the alcohol. So, raise a glass and embark on a flavor adventure!

Discover the Alluring Smoke of Fluère Non-Alcoholic Agave Spirit

Roasted, smoky, earthy: Agave, black pepper, & smoked hickory wood blend seamlessly. Perfect for classic cocktails, mocktails, or adding a smoky twist. Enjoy the mezcal experience, alcohol-free!




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