Free Spirits Non-Alcoholic Vermouth Rosso


Size 750ml

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Craft Classic Cocktails Without Compromise: Free Spirit Non-Alcoholic Vermouth Rosso

Looking to elevate your favorite cocktails without the alcohol? Free Spirit Non-Alcoholic Vermouth Rosso offers the perfect solution. This meticulously crafted non-alcoholic beverage captures the essence of a classic Italian sweet vermouth, making it an essential ingredient for creating complex and flavorful mocktails.

Free Spirit Vermouth Rosso stays true to its Italian heritage. The core of this spirit is characterized by the tannins of Pinot Grigio grapes, perfectly balanced with floral, bitter, and hoppy wormwood notes. These botanical foundations are further enriched with rich spices like cloves, cinnamon, and marjoram, and hints of stewed fruit, creating a truly authentic flavor profile.

Unveiling the Depths of Flavor in Free Spirit Non-Alcoholic Vermouth Rosso

Free Spirit Non-Alcoholic Vermouth delivers a delightful and complex sensory experience. The nose opens with a warm and inviting aroma of robust spices, mingling with hints of rhubarb, orange peel, and even a touch of Italian cola. The palate is rich and satisfying, featuring flavors of turbinado sugar balanced by a hint of drying Christmas fruit cake, and a medley of complex and integrated dark spices. The finish is velvety and smooth, with lingering notes of black pepper and ginger spice.

Free Spirit Vermouth Rosso is an incredibly versatile ingredient. Use it to recreate classic cocktails like the Negroni, Manhattan, or Boulevardier, all without the alcohol. This non-alcoholic vermouth also plays beautifully with other non-alcoholic spirits and mixers, allowing you to get creative and craft unique and flavorful mocktails.

No matter how you choose to enjoy it, Free Spirit Vermouth Rosso offers a delicious and sophisticated way to elevate your cocktail experience, minus the alcohol.

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