Giffard Non-Alcoholic Grapefruit Liqueur

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Embrace the Refreshing Escape with Giffard Non-Alcoholic Grapefruit Liqueur

Enjoy the vibrant taste of grapefruit without the alcohol! Giffard Non-Alcoholic Grapefruit Liqueur, crafted in France, captures the essence of this citrus fruit using a unique maceration process. Grapefruit zest is steeped in white wine vinegar, extracting its distinctive flavor profile without the alcoholic content. This results in a lively liqueur boasting a beautiful salmon pink color and a powerful aroma that blends floral notes of rose with the unmistakable zest of pink grapefruit.

Uncap a World of Flavor Possibilities

Giffard Grapefruit Liqueur is a game-changer for mixologists seeking to create refreshing and complex alcohol-free cocktails. Its perfectly balanced flavor profile brings together sweet citrus notes with a touch of bitterness and acidity, making it a versatile ingredient.  Revamp classic cocktails like the Paloma or a bubbly Spritz for a delightful alcohol-free experience. But the possibilities are endless! This vibrant liqueur pairs beautifully with sparkling water, tonics, fresh juices, and other non-alcoholic ingredients, adding a zestful touch to any beverage.

French Quality, Alcohol-Free Delight

Made with high-quality ingredients like water, sugar, grapefruit infusion, concentrated lemon juice, and natural flavors, Giffard Non-Alcoholic Grapefruit Liqueur delivers an authentic grapefruit experience without the alcohol.

For optimal enjoyment, store in a cool, dry place away from light. There's no need for refrigeration, and the liqueur boasts a shelf life of 5 months once opened.


Calories, 39
Sugar, 9g
Carbohydrates, 10g

Ingredients: Water, sugar, grapefruit infusion (white wine vinegar, grapefruit zests), concentrated lemon juice, natural pink grapefruit flavourings with other naturel flavourings, apple extract, black carrot concentrate, preservatives: potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate.

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