Hill Street Vin (Zero) Non-Alcoholic Merlot

Red Wines

Title 750 ml

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A Merlot as drinkable as it is delicious. Crafted using traditional methods, this wine is matured in stainless steel barrels, resulting in a vibrant and expressive Merlot that is sure to please even the most discerning palate.

With its intense red hue, reminiscent of blackberry juice drizzled over vanilla ice cream, this Merlot offers enticing aromas of currants, blackberries, and blueberries. On the palate, it unfolds with a symphony of flavors, with juicy blackberry notes mingling with hints of currants and blueberries. The tannins are both firm and elegant, providing structure and balance to the overall experience.

The finish is both long and lingering, leaving a lasting impression of refinement.

Whether you're enjoying a leisurely meal or celebrating a special occasion, this captivating Merlot is sure to impress. So raise a glass and savor the joy of simply enjoying a delicious wine.

Best served at 15-18°C.

Serving Size: 150 ml

Calories: 27

Carbs: 6.4

Sugar: 6.4

Fat: 0.5

Sodium: 0

Protein: 0

Details: Gluten - Free | Contains Sulfites

ABV: 0

Alcohol Free Fermented Merlot Grape Juice, Sugar Tannins, Sulphites, Ascorbic Acid