Lagunitas Hoppy Refresher Non-Alcholic Sparkling Water (4 pack)

Light Beer

Title 12 oz

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Under the Californian sun, Bubbly sunshine dances with the spirit of hops. Hoppy Refresher's aroma awakens the senses with a citrusy tango of lime and lemon, a whisper of pine waltzing in the background - all blissfully devoid of alcohol. It's a dry-hopped oasis for the taste buds, a mirage shimmering in the parched landscape of desire.

Forget sparkling water, this is an IPA revolution in a can. Lagunitas, the maverick brewers, have biotransformed hops using brewer's yeast, unlocking the juicy secrets of citrus and pine terpenes, leaving the alcohol, carbs, and gluten behind. It's a refreshing rebellion, one sip at a time, pushing the boundaries of taste with every effervescent drop.

Serving Size: 1 can

Calories: 0

Carbs: 0

Sugar: 0

Fat: 0

Sodium: 0

Protein: 0

Details: Glutren - Free

ABV: <0.5

Carbonated Water, Dried Hops, Nutritional Brewer's Yeast, Natural Flavors.