Lautus Non-Alcoholic Chardonnay

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Lautus Non-Alcoholic Chardonnay: A Symphony of Summer Flavors

Lautus Non-Alcoholic Chardonnay is a masterful creation that captures the essence of a warmer climate Chardonnay in a non-alcoholic and health-conscious form. This exquisite wine, with its light pale straw color, is perfect for those who appreciate the refined tastes of traditional Chardonnay while maintaining a vegan, low-calorie lifestyle.

This Chardonnay showcases pure aromas of summer fruits, enhanced by fresh orange and kumquat undertones, creating a bouquet that is both invigorating and delightful. The subtle spice derived from gentle oaking intertwines seamlessly with these fruit notes, resulting in a generous palate weight. The finish of this non-alcoholic Chardonnay is as impressive as its beginning, offering a fresh sensation coupled with lingering balanced acidity.

The Elegant Profile of Chardonnay

Tasting Notes:

  • Aromas: Summer Fruit, Orange, Kumquat.
  • Palate: Subtle Spice, Generous Weight.
  • Finish: Fresh, Balanced Acidity.
  • Low in Calories: Only 16 calories per 5oz serving.
  • Residual Sugar: 3.2g/100ml per liter.

Lautus Non-Alcoholic Chardonnay is not just a wine; it's a celebration of flavor and innovation. Whether enjoyed on its own or paired with a meal, it provides a sophisticated wine experience without the alcohol. It's an ideal choice for any occasion where you desire a refined, non-alcoholic wine option that doesn't compromise on taste or quality.

Serving Size: 100 ml

Calories: 20

Carbs: 0

Sugar: 2.8

Fat: <0.1

Sodium: 15

Protein: 0

Details: Low calorie | Vegan

ABV: <0.5

dealcoholized wine made from Chardonnay , grape sugars , sulfites , glycerol