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Lautus Non-Alcoholic Rosé: A South African Delight

Lautus Non-Alcoholic Rosé is a beautifully crafted wine that brings the essence of the Voor-Paardeberg region, a charming wine-growing area near Paarl in South Africa's Western Cape, to your glass. Made exclusively from the finest Pinotage grapes, this Rosé is an embodiment of the region's rich winemaking heritage, offering a non-alcoholic, vegan-friendly, and low-calorie option for wine enthusiasts.

The Rosé is characterized by pure aromas of red berry fruits complemented by delicate floral notes, creating a captivating bouquet that invites you to savor each sip. The palate of this exquisite wine offers a touch of sweetness, perfectly counterbalanced by well-measured acidity, making it both refreshing and delightful to the taste.

Experience the Elegance

Tasting Notes:

  • Aromas: Red Berry Fruit, Floral Notes.
  • Palate: Slight Sweetness, Balanced Acidity.
  • Residual Sugar: 3.2g/100ml per liter.
  • Low in Calories: Only 23 calories per 5oz serving.

Lautus Non-Alcoholic Rosé is not just a beverage; it's a celebration of flavor and mindful indulgence. Whether enjoyed as a standalone drink or paired with a meal, it offers the full pleasure of wine without the alcohol. Its low-calorie content makes it a guilt-free choice for health-conscious wine lovers, perfect for any occasion where you wish to enjoy a sophisticated, non-alcoholic wine experience.

Serving Size: 100 ml

Calories: 14

Carbs: 0

Sugar: 3.2

Fat: <0.1

Sodium: 15

Protein: 0

Details: Low calorie | Vegan

ABV: <0.5

Dealcoholized Rosé wine made from Pinotage & Moscato (Muscat) , grape sugars , sulfites , glycerol