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Lautus Non-Alcoholic Savvy Red: A South African Treasure

Lautus Non-Alcoholic Savvy Red is a meticulously crafted red blend that emanates from the lush vineyards of Vredendal, located in the northern Olifants River Valley of South Africa's Western Cape province. This exquisite wine is born from grapes sourced from the winemaker's family farm, reflecting a deep connection to the land and a commitment to quality.

The unique blend of Lautus Savvy Red follows the order in which the grapes were planted on the farm, comprising Shiraz, Pinotage, Tempranillo, and Cabernet Sauvignon. This special composition showcases a harmony of pure red and black berry fruit flavors, elegantly interlaced with a touch of oak. The wine’s elegant palate is underpinned by fine tannins and a juicy yet subtle fruit profile, providing a sophisticated and enjoyable drinking experience without the alcohol.

Experience the Richness of Lautus Savvy Red

Flavor Composition:

  • Shiraz/Pinotage/Tempranillo/Cabernet Sauvignon Blend: Offers a diverse and rich flavor.
  • Red and Black Berry Fruit Flavors: Deliver a natural, juicy sweetness.
  • Touch of Oak: Adds a hint of complexity and depth.
  • Fine Tannins: Provide structure to the palate.

Lautus Non-Alcoholic Savvy Red is more than just a non-alcoholic wine; it's a testament to the art of winemaking and the rich heritage of South African vineyards. With only 18 calories per 5oz serving and 2.4g/100ml residual sugar per liter, it's a vegan-friendly and low-calorie choice perfect for any occasion. Enjoy the freedom of savoring a premium wine in its purest form, without the restrictions of alcohol.

Serving Size: 100 ml

Calories: 30

Carbs: 0

Sugar: 2

Fat: <0.1

Sodium: 15

Protein: 0

Details: Low calorie | Vegan

ABV: <0.5

dealcoholized wine made from Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon & Pinotage , grape sugars , sulfites , glycerol