Luminara Alcohol-Removed Napa Red Blend

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In the heart of Napa Valley, where Cabernet Sauvignon reigns supreme, Luminara Red Blend stands as a testament to the artistry of non-alcoholic winemaking.

Until recently, finding a non-alcoholic red wine that captured the essence of Napa Valley was a daunting task. However, Luminara has shattered expectations, delivering a captivating beverage that is both elegant and refined.

Deep notes of black cherry and ripe red fruits mingle with subtle nuances of smoke and spice, creating a symphony of flavors that is both familiar and alluring. The blend of 70% Pinot Noir and 30% Zinfandel strikes a perfect balance between smoothness and vibrancy, ensuring a delightful experience with every sip.

Crafted through a delicate process that preserves the vibrant aromas and flavors of the fruit, Luminara Red Blend is a testament to the artistry of non-alcoholic winemaking. The revolutionary spinning cone column technology gently removes the alcohol, ensuring that the intricate nuances of the wine remain intact.

Aged in American and French oak, Luminara Red Blend develops a complex texture that further enhances its appeal. The tannins are both firm and elegant, providing structure and balance to the overall profile.

The finish is both long and lingering, leaving a lasting impression of refinement.

Luminara Red Blend is the perfect companion for any occasion. Whether you're enjoying a leisurely meal or celebrating a special milestone, this captivating beverage is sure to impress.

So raise a glass to Luminara Red Blend, a celebration of innovation, artistry, and the joy of simply enjoying a delicious wine.

From Napa Valley, with pride.


Calories, 50
Sugar, 8
Carbohydrates, 16
Fat, 0
Sodium, 20
Protein, 0

Ingredients: De-alcoholized premium red wine
Grape concentrate
Natural flavors
Sodium Benzoate
Potassium Sorbate
Potassium Meta Bisulfite.

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