Peroni Non-Alcoholic 0.0 Brew (6 pack)

Light Beer

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Born from Italian passion, Birra Moretti Zero is the perfect choice for the discerning drinker. Brewed and bottled with meticulous care, this non-alcoholic beer delivers the crisp, smooth, and refreshing taste of Birra Moretti, along with its distinctive fresh hoppy flavor.

Enjoy Birra Moretti Zero ice-cold straight from the bottle, or pour it into a tall pilsner glass to fully appreciate its captivating aroma and appearance.

With zero alcohol, Birra Moretti Zero is the perfect choice for those who want to enjoy the taste of beer without the compromise. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or simply looking for a refreshing beverage, Birra Moretti Zero is sure to please.

Italian passion, guilt-free enjoyment.

Serving Size: 100 ml

Calories: 22

Carbs: 5.3

Sugar: 3

Fat: 0

Sodium: 0

Protein: 0

Details: Vegan

ABV: 0

Water, Barley Malt, Italian Maize, Hops, Natural Flavors