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Sierra Nevada Non-Alcoholic Hop Splash Citrus

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Dive into Citrus Bliss with Sierra Nevada Non-Alcoholic Hop Splash Citrus

Craving a burst of fruity refreshment, minus the alcohol? Sierra Nevada's Non-Alcoholic Hop Splash Citrus is your answer. This sparkling hop water isn't just another fizzy drink; it's a flavor explosion inspired by juicy IPAs.

Imagine this: the bright, tropical notes of Mosaic® and Simcoe hops mingle with the refreshing tang of real blood orange and grapefruit juice. Every sip is a citrusy celebration, perfect for quenching your thirst any time of day.

But Hop Splash Citrus isn't just about taste, it's about quality. We start with carbon-filtered water, ensuring pure refreshment. Then, we infuse it with real Mosaic® and Simcoe hops, unlocking their unique fruity aromas. Real blood orange and grapefruit juice add a burst of natural sweetness and tang.

And we're committed to sustainability: the CO2 used to carbonate Hop Splash Citrus is captured and reused from our beer fermentation process, minimizing our environmental impact.

So, ditch the sugary drinks and grab a can of Hop Splash Citrus. It's:

  • Non-alcoholic: Enjoy guilt-free refreshment anytime, anywhere.
  • Packed with flavor: Real hops and juices deliver a satisfying citrus punch.
  • Made with quality: Pure water, real ingredients, and sustainable practices.

With Hop Splash Citrus, every sip is an adventure in flavor. Discover a new way to refresh, naturally.




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