Tenneyson Alcohol-Free Black Ginger

Aperitifs & Alternative Liqueur

Title 750 ml

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A daring and fiery non-alcoholic spirit that stands alone in a realm of its own. Unlike any other beverage you have ever encountered, Black Ginger is a bold and spicy symphony of flavors that will tantalize your taste buds.

On its own, it is a captivating and invigorating experience. The potent ginger takes center stage, complemented by a chorus of other botanicals that add depth and complexity.

In a cocktail, it transforms into a versatile and transformative ingredient. Its fiery nature adds a unique dimension to any creation, elevating it to new heights.

Tenneyson's Black Ginger is not a mockery of traditional spirits. It is a groundbreaking innovation that redefines what a non-alcoholic beverage can be.

With its bold flavors and uncompromising quality, it is a testament to the power of botanicals to create truly exceptional beverages.

Serving Size: 60 ml

Calories: 25

Carbs: 6

Sugar: 6

Fat: 0

Sodium: 0

Protein: 0

Details: Low Calorie

ABV: 0

Filtered Water , ginger root extract , dandelion, lemon balm, bergamot, Yerba Matte, Grape Seed Extract, Black Pepper Extract and Gentian Root