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Wander + Found Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Cuvée Blanc Cans: A Portable Delight

Introducing the Wander + Found Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Cuvée Blanc Cans, now available in convenient 8.45oz servings, perfect for enhancing any outdoor gathering or picnic by the beach. These cans bring the elegance of premium Sparkling Cuvée Blanc to your fingertips, blending convenience with sophistication. Ideal for those who appreciate the finer things in life but prefer the flexibility of a portable option.

This premium Sparkling Cuvée Blanc is a delight to the senses, offering a complex flavor profile that includes notes of tangy citrus zest, tart gooseberry, and sweet starfruit. Its smooth and refined flavors make it an excellent pairing for a variety of meals, or as a refreshing drink to savor during relaxing moments.

Ingredients for a Sparkling Sensation

Flavor Notes:

  • Tangy Citrus Zest: Adds a fresh and zesty kick.
  • Tart Gooseberry: Provides a unique, slightly sharp flavor.
  • Sweet Starfruit: Contributes a delicate, tropical sweetness.
  • Sparkling Base: Gives the beverage its refreshing effervescence.

Wander + Found Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Cuvée Blanc are more than just a drink; they're a lifestyle choice. Whether you're planning a picnic, a beach outing, or just a quiet evening at home, these cans offer the perfect way to enjoy a sophisticated, non-alcoholic sparkling wine experience on the go.

Serving Size: 188 ml

Calories: 33

Carbs: 7

Sugar: 7

Fat: 0

Sodium: 9

Protein: 0

Details: Non-GMO | Gluten Free | Vegan

ABV: <0.5

Dealcoholized wine, grape must rectified concentrated grape must, carbon dioxide, ascorbic acid and sulphites